Being a new homeowner is certainly an exciting time, and after dealing with the mortgage paperwork and the move, you’ll no doubt feel relieved when you step into your new house. Many young people have rented for years before being able to afford to buy, and so the prospect of owning your own home is just that bit more exciting. However, there are certain mistakes that many new homeowners make, so here are some things to avoid in the first couple of years.

1. Buying an entire set of brand new furniture

Getting your own place is exciting, and many new homeowners rush out to the nearest flatpack store to decorate their place in the latest styles. Unfortunately, this can drain any remaining savings, and mean you end up needing to replace it all in a few years. Check with your builder in Perth what’ll be included with the house. For example, if you have walk in closets, you won’t also need wardrobes. Consider investing in just a few pieces of high-quality furniture to start, that way they will last for years.

2. Throwing away paperwork

As a homeowner, you should get into the habit of neatly filing relevant paperwork. When you’ve had work done by a Perth builder or other professional, make sure you have the paperwork to hand, just in case you have problems down the line and need to claim on the warranty. This could include:

  • Contracts
  • Receipts
  • Manuals
  • Invoices

3. Opting for cheap tools

As the saying goes, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. All homeowners should have some basic tools at their disposal, from a hammer to a screwdriver set, but buying flimsy tools means they’re more likely to break quickly. Save your money and buy decent tools, especially when it comes to items such as drills or lawnmowers that you’ll use all the time.1

4. Spending a lot on decorating or upgrades

It’s great to finally own your own place and be able to put your own stamp on it, and you’re now free to paint or redecorate without your landlord’s approval. However, it’s important not to do too much at once. Some home improvements don’t add value to your home, especially if they’re not done properly, and you should focus on decorating one room at a time rather than jumping in. If you are buying a new property, speak to home builders in Perth to see what customisation options will be available for your new build, as this will mean there’s less DIY to do.

5. Making small claims on your insurance

When you first move in, you’re more likely to have small accidental damages, and most new homeowners simply claim on their insurance. However, lots of little claims at the start of the policy can lead to big insurance hikes down the line. Consider whether it’s cheaper to pay out of pocket for the small stuff.

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