When it comes to choosing a city to live in, Perth can sometimes get overlooked. But with cities such as Sydney and Melbourne becoming more and more expensive and crowded, people of all ages are looking west for new prospects. There are lots of reasons why Perth is a great place to live compared to other Australian cities, and here’s why the city might be the right place for you.

1. The economy is recovering

Western Australia suffered a fluctuating economy in the past few years, but the good news is that the local economy is recovering. Fewer homes are vacant, and employment rates are up, which means the city is becoming more desirable. While a property in Perth is significantly cheaper than Sydney, prices are set to rise, so now could be a good time to snap up land for building.

2. It’s small and friendly

Perth has many of the advantages of a big city, with great facilities and a cultural scene, but it’s small and friendly. With a population of just 2 million, less than half of Sydney, it doesn’t feel crowded. The city is sprawling, with many people moving to larger homes in the suburbs which are well-linked to the CBD by train. Home builders in Perth are building further up the coast into suburbs such as Ocean Reef, which has natural beauty and pretty beaches, yet is less than half an hour drive from the city centre.

3. There’s loads to do

Whether you’re cultured or more outdoorsy, there’s always plenty to do. Some of the most popular Perth attractions include:

  • Kings Park & Botanic Garden – A huge area of natural bushland that overlooks the city, great for hiking or jogging
  • Scitech – With a planetarium and lots of science-themed displays, kids love this museum
  • Elizabeth Quay – Featuring shops, restaurants, and bars, this modern area of the city is great for a night out
  • City Beach – Close to the city centre, this sandy beach is great for swimming or relaxing

4. It’s the sunniest city in Australia

Most of Australia is sunny, but it’s Perth that wins the honour for the sunniest city. With 3,200 hours of sunshine a year, it’s a sunny and cheerful place to live. When consulting with a Perth builder, it’s worth considering adding large windows, to enjoy the abundance of natural light.

5. It’s full of natural beauty

While Perth’s city centre is sleek and modern, just minutes away you’ll find lots of natural beauty. From huge areas of bushland, to beautiful beaches, there’s a great balance between the city and the outdoors. If you’re planning on building a home, you can choose from a wide range of locations, whether you want to live by the coast or in a friendly suburb, yet still only be a short commute from work.

If you’re looking to move to a new city, then Perth could be an excellent choice. With facilities that rival those in Melbourne and Sydney, but cheaper land and house options with a friendlier feel, it’s ideal for those who want the city lifestyle but with a better standard of living.