Everyone has a vision of what their perfect home should look like, and it can be difficult to get all the things you like in one package. That’s why many people are now choosing to build a new home rather than spending large amounts of time trying to find a property that has everything they need. Building a new home means you can choose a plot of land in the perfect location, and then create a property that has the features you’ve always wanted, so you don’t have to compromise. Here are just a few of the advantages of choosing a new home over a resale.

  1. More living space

If you’ve ever viewed an older home, you’ll notice that they often have a closed floorplan and can lack storage space. This is because they were built for a different generation, when people had less stuff and open-plan styles weren’t in fashion. By using a builder like Redink and designing your own home, you can add features such as:

  • A garage with auto sectional door
  • Extra storage such as a walk-in robe
  • A home theatre
  • Ensuite bathroom

These are often not found in older homes, and so a new build property can be a more practical solution for young families or couples.

  1. Lower maintenance costs

Older homes come with a lot of history, but that can include inefficient plumbing, dated wiring and boilers that are no longer energy efficient. You simply don’t know what maintenance jobs will need to be done when you move in and how much time and money will need to be sunk into the house. Using a trusted builder to create a new home means that you get everything new, and you can be sure that the home is built to a high standard.

  1. Modern fittings

Homes that have built-in appliances can soon become dated. If you move into an older home that still has an oven or dishwasher already installed, then it may be a dated, inefficient model that needs replacing. The same goes for the bathroom, which can often be fitted with older suites that you’ll want to throw out. However, if you’re a first-time buyer, you may not be able to afford this at first, so have to live with a dated home. In a new build, everything is modern and brand new, making it feel more special when you move in.

  1. Energy efficient

Lots of older properties were built before most people cared about the environment. This means they can be expensive to run, as they may not have windows or air conditioning systems that are up to modern standards. When you work with an award winning Perth builder like Redink Homes to create a new home, you can be sure that everything built with energy efficiency in mind, saving you money on your energy bills over the years.

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