Are you planning to build your dream home in Perth? If so, you have a few decisions to make, not least the one involving where you are going to be located. Perth is one of the most liveable cities in Australia – or in all of the world for that matter. Settling on a specific location can be a daunting task, but the team at RedInk Homes is working to make this process easier. Read on for our take on some of the best places to live in and around Perth at the moment.


Median Home Price: $786,000

Friendly, safe and undeniably comfortable, Melville has leafy blocks and plenty of friendly options for those planning to build a house. Melville Primary School achieves solid performance marks, and Melville High School has become a high-performing independent public school in recent years. For families with children, Melville is easily a top choice.

Getting to the CBD from Melville is straightforward. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the city by bus, and you also have the option of transferring to the train on your way in. Even better, Fremantle is only about 10 minutes away. The latter is a great place for families to visit at the weekend. Shopping centres, grocery stores and specialty boutiques abound.

But perhaps most importantly, Melville is incredibly safe. This is one of those rare suburbs where you’ll see children playing in the streets. That’s how confident parents are that this is truly a safe place for their kids. If you’re looking for an ideal place to build a home for your family in Perth, take a drive through Melville in the late afternoon or early evening for a first-hand look at what a great suburb it is.


Median Home Price: $545,000

Edgewater is another excellent option for families. It’s a quiet suburb that is tucked away from its neighbours, so you don’t have to worry about traffic. Cars on the road in Edgewater belong to people who live here.

If your house is located in Edgewater, then you’re only a short drive away from Joondalup, with its shops, restaurants, parks and public transport options. Of course, that means that you’re also close to Lake Joondalup and the adjoining nature reserve. You could quickly and easily forget that you’re on the doorsteps of one of Australia’s booming capital cities.

And then there’s the beach at Mullaloo, which is only five minutes’ drive away. Many Perth residents insist that this is the best beach in their home city, and the reason is clear. It’s certainly nice to know that such a first-rate attraction is located just down the road.


Median Home Price: $450,000

Development on Currambine began in the 1990s, and this coveted suburb has quickly become one of Perth’s most sought-after. It’s located to the north of the CBD (near Joondalup), and the local Currambine railway station offers a quick connection to the Joondalup line. In other words, getting into Perth is easy.

Residents of Currambine are also close to major roadways, including Burns Beach Road. A weekend outing to Iluka or Ocean Reef is easy to arrange. You’re also located within easy reach of Joondalup Golf Course as well as Currambine Market Place shopping centre. There are also two primary schools in this suburb (one of which is a Catholic private school).

Port Kennedy

Median Home Price: $381,750

One of the best-kept secrets to the south of Perth is Port Kennedy. This suburb features plenty of large and beautiful blocks, and experienced locals will tell you that this is where Perth home prices begin offering extreme value for money.

Port Kennedy is safe and quiet, but it’s still conveniently close to both Perth CBD and Fremantle. With that in mind, this is a popular place to build a home for families, retirees and budding professionals who operate out of either of the aforementioned cities.

And when it comes to things to do, you’re spoilt for choice in Port Kennedy. The local beach offers white sands, turquoise waters and a boat ramp. Meanwhile, the local golf course draws visiting golfers from all over Asia.

Bibra Lake

Median Home Price: $525,000

Peaceful, safe and friendly – what’s not to love about Bibra Lake? This is one of those rare suburbs that seems to be a perfect fit for just about anyone who moves here. It centres on its eponymous lake, features outstanding schools and boasts its own university. Local hospitals are available, and getting to Perth CBD (20 minutes), Fremantle (15 minutes) and even the airport (25 minutes) are all a breeze!

This community is also only a mere 10 km from Coogee Beach, so a seaside getaway is always on the cards. There’s so much to love about living here, so it’s easy to see why such a wide swathe of demographics call Bibra Lake home.
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