Building a home on a rural site or large acreage block requires a little more planning than standard urban blocks. There are a lot more components relating to site works to consider on larger blocks which in turn will affect your overall budget. Items such as:

Earthworks, sand pad requirements, area loading costs, upgraded footings and slab, seismic upgrades, septic tanks, lengthy power runs and water runs, rainwater tanks, bush fire upgrades, retaining walls, associated builders costs such as concrete pumps, site repegs, tip fees, planning fees, service connection fees etc.

Often, many of the components making up the entire site works costs are unknown to new home buyers. These items can vary dramatically from block to block and need to be considered as costs for site works can easily blow your total construction budget.

Our experienced consultants can give you valuable information regarding these costs, house design, septic and water tank positioning and home orientation maximizing solar energy and guide you into building a new home that works for you.

Area loading charges are the additional costs to building any of our homes in certain areas OUTSIDE the metro region. Your block may or may not fall into one of these areas so please contact us to see if there is an Area Loading charge applicable to your area.


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Country Home Designs

Request a copy of our country homes brochure to see the Farmhouse Range, a collection of country style home designs. We have a great range of designs to suit most budgets with country homes starting as low as $209,990 and with larger homes as big as 400sqm in total starting at $282,990. All our home designs fall into our Choice Series range with inclusions as listed on the plans.

Click the “Request Brochure” button to your right, leave your details and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with your copy of our Country Home Designs brochure

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