Time Poor. Development Rich

Delivering successful developments – that’s what we do best. Surround yourself with our property development experts and we can do the same for you.

Having walked the property development path with so many West Australians, our team’s foresight is a valuable addition to any development. No hidden costs around the next corner. No expensive time delays from cutting corners. Just one clear path towards realising your property’s full potential.

House behind house, duplex or triplex, partner with Redink Developments and we can take care of everything. From planning and design to construction and finance, our team of experts work seamlessly together minimizing time, costs and risk, all while maximizing your potential profits.


We can make it happen.

Got the land? Need an investment? Have a dream? Whatever the reason, we can make it happen. Talk to us to find out what style of development will best suit.

house dev

House behind House

New home build behind an existing home. A profitable reality for many homeowners with a big backyard.

house dev2

Duplex/Side by Side Developments

Two new homes with a separate or shared driveway. Simpler and lower risk than other development styles.

house dev3

Triplex Developments

Three new homes with a shared driveway. Better potential for maximized returns.