Multi-Unit Developments Perth

Potential returns from a multi-unit development are increased, but so too is the development complexity. Our experienced team can handle everything, providing foresight early on to avoid delays and costs throughout the development timeline. Multi-unit developments are defined as four or more units around a shared driveway. They require a much larger sized block or higher R-Code than smaller development options.

Advantages of Multi-Unit Developmen

  • Bigger returns on offer.
  • Demolishing and building provides more configuration options than a house-behind-house development.
  • Modern, low-maintenance homes are easier to sell or rent out.
  • Selling or renting one or all homes provides huge cash flow opportunities.

Typical Multi-Unit Layouts

While the example shown is typical of multi-unit developments, each Redink Development is approached differently to best unlock land value and maximize your returns. Partner with us and your layout will be unique to your development.

R-Code Check .

The fastest way to check if your property is eligible for subdivision is to find out its Residential Planning Code (R-Code). Your local council will be able to provide this information. As a general rule, the calculations below can be used for a multi-unit development.

Zoning Total Required Land Area
R20 1800m2
R25 1400m2
R30 1200m2
R40 880m2

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