When you choose to design and build a home with RedInk Homes, you enjoy a great deal of latitude in terms of how your home is going to look and feel when you move in. If you have a particular vision for your home’s interior design, you’ll be able to make that happen when you build your home with us.

Our service hinges on the belief that our clients should have the final say in how their home looks. In fact, our very name – RedInk – refers to the redline edit that our customers give to the blueprints that we create for their homes. You make your final edits in red ink, and we’ll help you create the home of your dreams.

But the actual layout and construction of your house is only part of the equation. You’ll also have a blank slate that is ready for you to furnish and design. We regularly work with interior decorators in our line of work. With that in mind, we’re dedicating a blog post to exploring interior design considerations for your new RedInk home.


Current and Emerging Design Trends for Homes in Perth WA

It used to take a fair amount of time for international design trends to land on our island continent. But our rapid adoption of technology and social media use mean that the latest design trends are arriving on our shores faster than ever. Here are a few of the latest trends that we’ve seen in the homes that we build for our clients:


  • Deep Shades of Green
    If you were getting used to the midnight blues of yesterday’s new homes, get ready for a major change. Green is the new black in modern homes – from the paint on the walls to the upholstery. Green is a powerful accent colour, and it blends well with everything from brass lamps to natural linen. We expect to see plenty more green in the homes we build in the near future.


  • Cocoons, Nooks and Corners
    Today’s residents value solitude more than ever before, and we’ve seen this translate into nooks, corners and cocooned spaces in the homes we build. This is, no doubt, partially due to the fact that modern Australians spend more time in front of computers and devices than ever before. This makes nooks, corners and other retreat-able spaces all the more attractive.


  • Mixed and Matched Patterns
    In the past, the general consensus was that busy ‘statement pieces’ were more distracting than anything. But these days, we’re seeing designers embrace mixed patterns in the spaces they design. Granted, an overarching colour scheme and general design motif are still important, but design pieces with mixed patterns are definitely becoming more popular now.


  • Artisanal Furnishings and Fixtures
    For years, we’ve lived in a world populated by DIY furnishings and decorations. This is due in no small part to the influence of Pinterest, Instagram and even Etsy. But today’s homeowners are clearly taking a greater interest in handcrafted arts and other types of handiwork. There’s something special about knowing that a particular vase or lamp in your home was hand-crafted by an artist. It makes that fixture one of a kind.


  • Cork
    Believe it or not, cork is becoming popular in local homes. It’s warm and stylish, and can be used to clad walls and table tops. Cork is also highly functional. It helps to absorb sound and minimise noise in rooms where it’s found. Furthermore, it’s also great for creating surfaces that you can pin notes to. In the coming months, we expect to see plenty more cork surfaces in the homes we build.


  • Terracotta Tiles
    Terracotta is becoming increasingly popular in WA homes – both inside and out. They can be used to clad fireplaces or to create feature walls in bathrooms. Terracotta adds warmth to interiors, and has plenty of value for external features as well.


Tailor Your Home To Your Specific Design Needs

When you are building a home from the ground up, it’s important to communicate with your builder about your specific needs and desires. If you have some specific interior design goals, let us know what you are hoping to accomplish. We can work with you to create a space that lends itself perfectly to your vision.


At RedInk Homes, we will work with you through every phase of designing and building your new home. We work hard to ensure that the house you move into is the home you’ve always dreamed of living in. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you design and build a house in WA, and don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any specific interests or concerns in terms of your home’s interior design.