With the Australian property market often on the news, many people are now choosing to build their own home, rather than buying a resale. Whether it’s on your existing plot of land, or you have a location in mind, building a new home has many advantages over searching on the used property market. However, it is an expensive purchase, so it’s important for people to decide whether it’s the right time for them. Here’s some reasons why it might be a good time for you to build a home.

Property prices

Many cities in Australia have faced huge rises in property values, which has put people off moving, and with the Perth property market set to recover, buying a resale property might not be an option. If you compare the price of demolishing your old home and building a new one, then you may find it’s a cheaper option to rebuild on an existing plot, rather than trying to find an existing home on your budget.

Dealing with a move

Moving can be a stressful experience, not just because of packing up, but also because of the upheaval. Not many homes will be available in your exact neighbourhood, which means looking for home builders in Perth who can build on your existing plot can be a much less stressful solution. Some things to consider when deciding whether to move include:

  • Schools – will your children have to transfer?
  • Commuting – will you or your spouse have a longer journey to work?
  • Socialising – if you get on with your neighbours, then it’s worth considering staying in the same area
  • Facilities – if your gym, favourite coffee shop, or shops are nearby, you might be reluctant to move

Moving to a new area can mean having to change a lot about your lifestyle, and if you have a plot of land in an area you love, then it makes sense to opt for a new build rather than looking around.

Dream home

Everyone has a different idea of a dream home, and it can be hard to find one property that balances all you want, from the right location to an en-suite bathroom. Therefore, it can make sense to look for land rather than an existing property, and build your own place. It can be difficult to find certain home styles in the Australian property market so it’s worth working with a builder in Perth to get the right home. You then get more options for customising your build, and creating the home you have in mind.

Land prices

If land is cheap, then it can be a great time to build a new home, as this can often be significantly cheaper than buying a newly built home. It’s worth seeing what plots of land are available in the areas you like.

In a difficult property market, building a new home can be a great way of saving money, and allows you to get your dream home. With many styles of home that can be built, from traditional to modern, it’s often easier and more convenient than trying to find an existing property that ticks all the boxes.