When you’re choosing a new home, the layout is one of the most important elements. Getting the right layout for your home ensures it’s practical and liveable, and it needs to be able to suit your lifestyle. That’s why Redink Homes have created a range of homes with different floorplans, from traditional layouts to open plan living, so here are a few things to consider when trying to choose the right home.

Open Plan Home

Most new build homes opt for open plan living, and it’s certainly a popular option. Speak to any builder in Perth, and they’ll no doubt have a huge demand for this sort of home. Open plan refers to a home where the kitchen, dining and living areas have few dividers, allowing for a spacious feel.

Redink Homes offer a range of open plan models, such as the Display Series which features The Chalet and The Meridian, both of which blend the living and dining areas into one, which is great for entertaining and big family gatherings. This open space allows for features such as kitchen islands and breakfast bars, giving them contemporary style.

Advantages of an open plan home include:

  • Creating a more social space
  • Rooms feel bigger
  • A flow is created throughout the house
  • It’s easier to get lots of natural light into your home

Open plan living works well in homes of all sizes, and this look lends itself to modern architecture such as new builds.

Closed Plan (traditional) Home

Although the open plan trend shows no sign of slowing down, some people prefer a more closed floor plan with separate kitchen space, and even separate living and dining areas. It’s easy to convert an open plan such as one of our Choice Series like The Calypso into a more closed style.

Why would you want a closed plan home? Some people simply prefer a bit more privacy, perhaps because they have teenagers, or they prefer to cosy up in a separate living room after a long day. There’s certainly a trend for closed floorplans, and they can work well, as long as each room is spacious enough for its intended purpose. If you are dealing with home builders in Perth, they’ll be able to help you create a closed floorplan that still gives you lots of living space and flows nicely, but can be closed off as needed.

Advantages of closed floorplans include:

  • More privacy
  • Heat or cool individual rooms as needed
  • A cosy, homely feel
  • Lends itself to a more traditional style
  • Rooms can be decorated individually

If you’re considering having a new home built, then think carefully about the floorplan. While you can easily redecorate to suit your tastes, the layout is something that will be more difficult to change, so you need it to be right first time. Think about how you will live in the space and your lifestyle, those who throw a lot of parties may want open plan living, while families with young kids might want a more closed feel. Whichever you choose, there are lots of different styles available at Redink Homes to suit all tastes.