house foundation

At RedInk Homes, we specialise in helping our clients design and build the home of their dreams. And whilst we often work with new plots of land in brand-new housing developments, we also offer a demolish-and-rebuild service through which our clients can reuse an existing space to build a stunning new home.

If your current home feels a bit restrictive, it may be time to tear it down and start over. This is an especially attractive option when you genuinely love your home’s location, but can’t see yourself living there anymore. Likewise, this is an option that also works for homebuyers who love a location, but need a full-on reboot of the built infrastructure.

In our experience of demolishing and re-building homes, we’ve been asked more than a few times about the viability of working with an existing foundation to build a new house. In this post, we’re going to look at a few of the reasons that a client may be interested in reusing a foundation to begin with. We’ll also offer insight into when this approach works – and when it falls short.

Why Reuse an Old Foundation for a New Home?

There are several reasons to consider reusing an existing foundation. Most of them have to do with saving time, energy and money. We’ll list a few of the most popular reasons below:

  • There aren’t as many blank housing lots as there used to be, and demolishing an existing home and reusing its foundation can be practical.
  • Reusing a foundation saves more than the cost of the concrete; it also saves money in regards to earthwork and exporting soil.
  • There are small but significant ecological reasons to reuse a foundation; for example, the refuse from a demolished foundation will almost certainly end up in a landfill.
  • Reusing a foundation can cut down on the time needed to complete a demolish-and-build project – shaving off weeks in some cases.
  • When you keep the existing foundation, the permit-seeking process is generally reduced; however, there are many variables at play here.
  • Using an existing foundation allows you to leave more of the existing environment intact, so (for example) you won’t have to cut down trees or shrubs that are located close to the house.

Every House Has Precise Foundational Needs

We’ve explored a few of the reasons that a person might be interested in keeping the foundation of a previous house intact. But we should also take note of the relationship between a house and its foundation.

Most people who choose to tear a home down and rebuild it do so because they appreciate the land or location. In fact, they like that land so much, that they are willing to demolish the home that stands on it. This is where foundational needs come into play.

Every home has precise foundational needs. This depends upon the shape and layout of the home, as well as its height and weight (i.e. building materials). If you are going to reuse a foundation, you have to build a house that is well-suited to the existing supports. In all honesty, the best new build would be a close reinterpretation of the existing structure.

The problem, of course, is that relatively few homeowners who are prepared to knock down an existing structure would like to build an updated version of that existing structure on the same site. They’re usually looking for something markedly different. And this means that they will have new (and precise) foundational needs.

We’ll Tailor Your Home and its Foundation to Your Needs

At RedInk Homes, we understand that every home we build has its own needs and requirements. We provide our clients with efficient and affordable home-building solutions. Part of this involves ensuring that each foundation we lay is perfectly suited to that specific property’s needs.

We work with housing models and templates that can literally be edited and tailored to suit your specific needs. With that in mind, we’re able to work with existing property conditions to build you the perfect home – one that truly reflects your tastes, preferences and desires.

In most cases, we strongly recommend removing the previous foundation and laying a new one that is perfectly suited your new home’s needs. We can accomplish this affordably and with minimal impact to your surrounding property. However, we’re also available to talk about other options as well. In some situations, we may be able to leverage an existing foundation and use it for a brand-new home.
If you’re considering tearing down a home in WA and building a new one in its place, RedInk Homes is the team to turn to. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help.