House Behind House Development Perth

Recent zoning changes in Perth have made house-behind-house developments a smart, profitable reality for many homeowners. Big, often unused, backyards are delivering big returns with a lot less risk than other forms of property development.

As the name suggests, a house-behind-house development involves subdividing land into two separate titles. Often, the new dwelling will be developed behind an existing house. This approach has many advantages for first-time developers.

Advantages of House Behind House Developments.

  • Unlock unused value in your big block.
  • Often you can continue to live on site while the development progresses.
  • Selling or renting one or both homes provides huge cash flow opportunities.

Typical House-behind-house Layouts

While the example shown is typical of house-behind-house developments, each Redink Development is approached differently to best unlock land value and maximize your returns. Allow us to take away your development concerns and issues. We will provide a seamless service from planning to completion.

R-Code Check .

The fastest way to check if your property is eligible for subdivision is to find out its Residential Planning Code (R-Code). Your local council will be able to provide this information. As a general rule, the calculations below can be used for a house-behind-house development.

ZoningTotal Required Land AreaMinimum Site Area For Each Property

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