Why Choose Redink Developments

R-Codes, easements, strata titles…the list goes on. To the uninitiated, property development is a foreign language. After 25 plus years in the game, our understanding of every development detail is second to none, as is our ability to keep it simple for you.

It’s not about getting as many homes on a block as fast as possible. Design, functionality and timing play a major role. With our foresight and customer focused approach, your development will finish on time and within your budget.

We’re famous for giving customers what they want.

In the building industry, you make changes on house plans in red ink to get what you want. This action is the inspiration behind our name, RedInk Homes. In fact, it’s the force behind everything we do. We encourage you to pull out the red pen and take control. Make changes in red ink and show us what you want.

Get what you want.

Redink’s award-winning approach to customer service will always put your goals first.

Duplex/Side by Side Developments

Two new homes with a separate or shared driveway. Simpler and lower risk than other development styles.

Triplex Developments

Three new homes with a shared driveway. Better potential for maximized returns.

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