First Home Buyers Finance

While picking out a home design to fit your life is an important step, the first
step to building a home or investment is finding the right finance. Through
our in-house finance team, Lets Finance, we can help get you the right loan
and ultimately get you into your own home sooner. We can also help find
land to build on in a location you’ll love. How’s that for convenience?

Lets Finance

Lets Finance is a construction loan specialist. That means they’re really
good at finding loans for building new homes. They know how to get you
everything you’re entitled to like the First Home Owner Grant, Stamp Duty
concessions and most importantly, the right loan to get you into your new
home, fast. The good news for you, Lets Finance is part of our group, so their
services are completely free for you to use. That’s right free. Lets Finance
takes their commission from lenders – not borrowers.

Keystart – Low Deposit Home Loans

Saving a deposit can be tough. Thankfully the Western Australian Government
has created Keystart Home Loans – low deposit loans to help people into
homes. It is available to both first and non-first home buyers. There are a few
requirements that need to be met but Lets Finance can step you through the
process and help see if you qualify.

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)

If you’re a first home buyer we’re sure you’re aware of the Western Australian
Government’s First Home Owner Grant. It’s a one-off payment of up to $10,000. That’s a handy start towards building your new home. It gets better,
you don’t even have to pay the money back. Our Lets Finance team can help
complete your application to see if you qualify for the FHOG.