Why Build?

The home you want – any way you like it!

Making the decision to build a home can be a daunting experience. It can be further complicated by searching through endless designs and not finding exactly what you’re looking for. RedInk Homes seek to alleviate that stress by offering you the flexibility to change any of our designs to suit your needs and lifestyle.

RedInk Homes heralds a new era in flexibility. Scott Park has developed a range of initial home designs as a starting point for discussion.

Why go second hand?

When you build your own home everything is brand new. All appliances are new with original warranties meaning you can rest assured you’re getting the best quality.

Building a new home reduces the hidden surprises that can come when buying an established home. No faulty wiring, unexpected leaks or other nasty shocks that can lurk within an older, established home.

Every Redink Home is a statement in quality. Our number one objective is to give our customers a level of service so far advance of any other home builder in Perth that satisfied customers become our sales team. You can relax knowing that your new home will be perfect in every way – after all, it’s the way you designed it!

Living in the dream house you designed and built will give you and your family a place to cherish and call home. If you make the decision to sell the home in the future, a new, good quality home is generally easier to sell than an older home.


Let’s Finance is a member of one of Australia’s largest brokering networks, Vow Financial, and is part of the Scott Park Group. Use our loan or borrow calculator to see your finance options. Alternatively call 9315 8888 or send them an email.

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Building your investments

Building an investment property makes good sense. At RedInk Homes we offer you the flexibility of choosing an investment property to suit your needs. We can also assist with duplex, triplex and unit developments as well as turnkey house and land packages. This flexibility gives investors a better range of options than simply a house for sale.

Have you considered rebuilding? RedInk Homes provide you with a range of flexible options to turn your current home, into the home you want to live in forever. If you’re tired of looking at homes for sale in WA and have not found the home you want in your desired location, call us today 9208 1110.