Home on the Farmhouse Range

The Federal Government recently issued an unusual request that has now turned into a massive trend. The overwhelming concerns regarding housing affordability and quality of life in Australian cities prompted the federal government to beg people not to move into the city and instead find property in the countryside.

The population increases in the biggest cities have led to long commutes – more than five hours of travel a week in Perth – and have put pressure on transport and health services.

Growing numbers of young families have taken the government’s advice and are giving up their tiny inner-city apartments in exchange for the many benefits of country living, because sometimes…city life sucks.


More Barn for Your Buck

Perth property prices are continuing to rise – even with the recent correction the medium house price in Perth remains above $515,000. For comparison, semi-rural suburbs like Baldivis, Pinjara Gosnells and Twin Rocks have an average house price below $400,000 – more than $100,000 cheaper.

In a similar vein, there are block sizes as small as 80sqm in Ellenbrook while the average lot size in Perth has dropped to just 383sqms. In 2008 the average was almost 530sqm.

Meanwhile, in country WA, the medium land area is up to 850sqms this year. As far as getting more for your money, country living just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.


Cheaper, Cleaner, Newer, Better

Australian inner cities are known for perpetuating the woes of modern life. Concerns about money, health, and jobs all come together to form a package that can severely impact your health.

Although personal finances contribute to the mix, living in a large city definitely doesn’t help. Amsterdam’s Arkin Mental Health Institute found that mood disorders and anxiety are seen far more often in major cities.

These days people are thinking, “Why am I putting myself through the struggles of living in a city?”

The congestion, crime, long commutes and high house prices have finally convinced die-hard Perth metro dwellers to try out idyllic country living. These people are looking to the future and choosing to build their own farmhouse range instead of struggling to pay for a city apartment.

This is why many young families are relocating to places outside Perth city limits and jumping in on the opportunity to become first home builders — often using an existing plot as a foundation for building their dream home.

Rural dwellers usually take advantage of living sustainably as well, regularly producing their own food by raising livestock or harvesting produce from their gardens. And those who plan on or are currently living in the country can find financial incentives in government programs, including beginning farmer funding and rural development loans.


Finally, Breathing Space

If you’re someone who craves plenty of space, especially if you’re thinking of starting a big family, then rural living might be for you. In rural areas, you’ll have more than enough space for anything you can imagine. RedInk Farmhouse Range homes are designed to feel as spacious as their surroundings. Many of these houses sit on lots of multiple acres, and some properties contain ponds, streams, woods, and other natural wonders.

You’ll also most likely have more space between you and any neighbours in rural areas. This isn’t always the case, and you can choose to have close neighbours if you prefer, as on the main streets of many small country towns. But most of the time, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space without being three feet away from your neighbours.


How’s the Serenity?

More young families are making the move and are finding that country life can indeed be “idyllic” while swapping their tiny inner-city apartments for large country homes. Once they make the move, these people fall in love with all the rewards rural life provides.

When the city routine and the 100mph highways disappear, suddenly, so does your stress. Reminisce about the last time you visited a family friend’s cottage. The roaring traffic, screaming sirens, and honking horns were pleasantly replaced with singing birds, croaking frogs and chirping crickets. The whole experience felt like a mini-vacation. Now imagine living that every day of your life.

Physically and mentally, people tend to blossom in the country. Not only is your stress minimized, but you are naturally outside more, meaning that you’re more active, soak up more nature, and are exposed to less pollution. The result? An overall healthier life.

Most people eat much healthier when they aren’t within walking distance of a drive-through, fast-food restaurant or a big supermarket loaded with GMO products. When living in the country, most of your food is either bought from a local farmer or grown by you.

City life means living shoulder-to-shoulder with other people, but of all those people you pass, you may not even know their names. In the country, your neighbours become family. It’s always a nice to have a community filled with others who are there for you and support you. You can make trips to the store for one another, carpool to the nearest school, share the produce you grow or even homeschool as a group. The support and sense of community is endless.


If this all sounds good to you…

Whether it’s a vacant plot of land you have your eye on or a specific style of home you’re dreaming of, building a new home has many advantages over searching on the used property market.

Here at RedInk Homes, we provide exceptional service that caters to your every need. From finding the right block to designing a home to suit and offering finance options, we cover it all. We’ve been in business for 10 years and have numerous design and customer service awards to our name.

Our farmhouse range homes, which we design with a country feel in mind, are well-suited to wide blocks. We’ve purposely designed them to feel as spacious as their surroundings, offering the utmost comfort for you and your family.

Another option is our house and land packages. Some people discover a block of land and then search for house plans to pair with the land. Others fall in love with the design of a home, and then proceed to find the perfect block. Regardless of your choice, RedInk Homes would love to help. In fact, you can leave the searching to us. We’ll find the house, the land, even offer to finance, and we’ll keep it within your budget.

Make your move to the country and get in touch with Redink Homes today on 08 6500 0640 or e-mail us to find out more about exactly how we can help you move into your very own home on the farmhouse range.