3 Popular interior design trends to consider adding to your home

When Designing your master bedroom here are 3 things to keep in mind!



Using lots of different textures!

Why use textures?

We use textures in design because they can balance out a room by creating contrast. The contrast it creates provides depth and complexity to the room while keeping the eye interested, they do this by generating visual weight. This is the ability to draw attention. An example of this is in the photo below you can see how the designer has used textured lampshades to draw your attention into the centre of the room.

Try choosing at least three textures to work together within a room like a knit carpet, raised featured wallpaper and a silk bed duvet, all these elements work together to create a room that’s rich and full of depth. You can mix it up with diverse textures, layering them together for example using a cloth bedhead and wooden side tables.


Gloss vs matte, rough vs smooth. These different elements add value to the room.

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Gone are the days when you would pick a matching bedroom suite now it’s all about mixing it up and harnessing textures in your design. We are not just talking about furnishings you should apply this across all areas of the room.

In this photo you can see that the designer has harnessed textures she’s paired a cloth bedhead with wooden bedside tables, as well as introducing a textured lampshade a large knit carpet, linen pillows with a silk duvet and raised wallpaper.

Having one dominant coloured element and tiring it back to the softer furnishings in the room.

When choosing a colour scheme it’s always a good rule of thumb to remember less is more. You don’t want to have too many colours competing with each other. Having one dominant coloured element to work off and tiring the rest of the furnishings back to it usually works well and keeps you from selecting too many different colours.

Choosing just one stronger central colour and then letting the softer colours in the room link back to your dominant element, doing these things will flow together a lot easier.

IMG 0357

Greenery! Greenery! Greenery!

IMG 0536

Greenery is so important with interior design! It’s a great way to add life back to the room to bring colour and warmth without conflicting or competing with other colours choices.

Plants go with literally any colour scheme you’ve chosen. No need to worry about introducing a new colour to the room! They are a great way to fill dead space.

If you have an area, you’re not so sure what to do with a plant will elevate the space by adding a plant to a corner or on a table is a great way to add an element to the empty spaces without creating clutter

Plants also help soften sharper lines or soften stronger coloured design choices.

Placing a plant next to a sharp Tv cabinet or placing one in a bathroom is a great way to bring warmth back to a colder area.

IMG 0883