Tips To Make Your House Look More Expensive

Easy, inexpensive tips to help you make your home feel more luxurious and expensive.

We’ll show you the right elements to change in your house and how to utilise them to give you the most expensive looking home with the space and budget you have.

How to Style Rugs..

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When choosing a rug make sure that’s it’s big enough to fit all front legs of your furniture.

This will make the area feel larger and will visually tie all the furniture pieces together.

Rugs serve as a visual anchor in a space; it prevents our eyes from wandering around and maintains our focus.

By adding a rug, the room becomes visually easier to take in because objects and furniture can compete for our attention without it.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right sized rug for your space.

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Simple Decor

Typically you want to try and keep your bathroom décor as simple as possible, because simplicity promotes relaxation. Chaos doesn’t come to mind when we think of luxurious and expensive homes.

Try and be space smart when designing your bathroom, work with the space you have. If you plan it right, even the smallest of spaces can be an attractive functional bathroom.

Try not to keep too much on your bench. Tooth brush soap and some greenery is all you need.

A good tip is to empty your shampoo and other bottles into uniformed bottles and mount them on your wall this will maximise space give you an elevated look.


If you are looking for inspiration to style your bathroom check out our display home bathrooms.


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Interior designers will use textures to create what’s called visual weight. This is essentially how a section or object in the room draws attention to itself.

Using lots of different textures contrasts them and is a good way to make one aspect stand out more than others.

When we say contrast textures we don’t just mean mix up the cushions on your couch. You can layer textures with many different objects and aspects in the home, such as a wooden side table with a glass lamp, or a brick feature wall next to a painted one. You can really have fun with this.


Untitled design 5 copy 1

A simple and easy way to create the illusion of more space, mirrors are a great way to make the room look larger than it is.

Mirrors also reflect light, so they will give your room a bright, airy feel. Try and choose an impressive mirror and use it as a statement piece.

Statement Chairs

Adding depth, interest, style and colour to a room, statement chairs are all the rage right now!

They are the ‘must-have’ piece that interior designers are incorporating in almost all of their client homes. If you find the right one, you can design your entire room around it.

From choosing colours and textures even larger pieces like the bedhead or side tables your choices can mirror or contrast your statement pieces, which can become the main focal point in the room.

Untitled design 5


Untitled design 5 1

Try and aim to have at least one plant to every room, whether a small pot plant to sit on the kitchen bench or a large standing plant to place in the corner of a room.

Plants are so important because they improve your perception of a space.

They do this by adding colour and texture. Plants can be used to create visual interest by providing proportion and balance.

They are a great decor option when you don’t know what to decorate with, they go with any style or colour. Greenery can bring life back to a room.


This is a great idea to utilise in small spaces as it helps to make the room look larger by creating the illusion of the walls being taller. It also increases the amount of light that comes through the windows, creating a brighter space.

Another great tip for your curtains is to multiply your window width by x 4 and divide that number by the curtain panel width.

The result will be the total number of curtain panels you need for a luxurious look.

Window Width x4

L.E.D Lighting

Window Width x4 copy

Use LED light strips covers or corner mouldings to diffuse light into a seamless continuous flow, this will help soften the light especially if your floors or wall colours have a sheen to them.

This is a super easy element to incorporate into your home as you can pick up strips of L.E.D lights from IKEA. L.E.D lighting distributes light to a focal point without external reflectors, this in term highlights elements of the home and sets an overall mood of your choosing.

You can put LED strips under kitchen counters, behind mirrors, floating counters, inside counters, behind bed frames, around plants go wild!

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