Client Story: Jason’s Demo and Build


At the end of 2017, Jason knew that is was time to demolish and build his house. When he bought his established home, it was perfect timing because he worked only a few minutes away. But over time, the house began to fall apart.

Jason knew it was time to give his home a fresh start when  the roof over his kitchen started caving in.


Two or three years into it, things started to go wrong with the house. The house was inadequate, so I decided that I would demolish and build.


After working with another builder for some time, Jason felt that his budgets weren’t respected and started looking elsewhere.


The previous builder to Eleanor (Sales and Design Consultant) was blowing out my budget by about $80,000. $80,000 isn’t something to sneeze at, so it’s a big effect. So I turned around and walked away.

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She (Eleanor) was someone I always felt I could trust, whereas most other companies are just grabbing your money. I gave her budget and she pretty much stuck by it… that also comes down to trust as well. Effectively trusting her with the amount of money to build a house.

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