House & Land Packages Perth

Some people find a block of land first and then seek house plans to fit. Others fall in love with a home design and begin the search for the perfect block. Either way, Redink Homes can help. We’ll find the house, the land, even finance, and we’ll keep it within your budget.

We have over 100 Exclusive House and Land Packages available now!

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“Overall it’s a good quality build, [which is] another reason why we built with Redink… We’ve previously built with Redink before, my parents, and that was a good house so we went off that. Definitely would build again with Redink and also pass it on to family and friends and anyone that’s building for sure.”

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House and Land Packages Perth

If you’re looking for a house and land package in Perth, Redink Homes can help.

Our house and land packages make it easy to pick and choose the best deal for you. Some home buyers find a block of land first and then look for the perfect house plans to fit. Others fall in love with a home design and begin the search for the perfect block. Either way, Redink Homes will find the house, the land, and even the finance, all within your budget.

Why choose a new house and land package?

Securing a house/land package takes the stress away from homebuilding.

Instead of searching for a suitable block of land, and then figuring out how to build a house that suits the lot, Redink’s house and land packages give you an array of beautifully designed homes to customise to your liking, and the land to build it on.

So, you save money and get your perfect house delivered quickly.

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What do our house land packages include?

Our new house and land offers include the block of land and the home design of your choice.

For any home buyer embarking on a new build project, there are a few things to consider, such as BAL (bushfire attack level), site works, and your land estate’s design requirements.

Combined, these can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, which is why Redink Homes give you all the information you need upfront, so there are no hidden costs or nasty surprises down the road.

Take advantage of our network

Having been in the business for over 15 years, Redink boasts a strong network of the construction industry’s biggest land developers and real estate agents. You can take advantage of these great relationships to access the best blocks at the best price.

Budget-friendly for every lifestyle

Buying a new house and land is often far better value than buying an existing house in the same area. Not only will the custom build cost less, you also get an energy-efficient, brand new home with modern fittings and fixtures—and everything under warranty!

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Save money with government grants

With a little help, your perfect home design doesn’t have to be out of reach.

If eligible, you can access Western Australia’s $10,000 First Home Owner Grant, and if you’re a first home buyer, buying property up to the value of $430,000—or vacant land up to the value of $300,000 in Western Australia—you don’t have to pay stamp duty.

Easy deposits and financing

For easy financing, Redink homes have teamed up with Lets Finance, helping you secure the best value home loans.

The Lets Finance team takes care of the complicated stuff, while giving you the choice of payment plans to suit your needs. So whether you’ve been saving for years or you’re just starting out, Lets Finance can guide you through the process of securing your home loan and deposit.

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Our locations

Redink’s house and land offers are located right across the Perth metro area, the midwest, and the south west. Our wide range of homes just about guarantees that we have a house and land package to suit your location, and your dreams.